Musa Starseed carries the light as a passionate disciple and preserver of life and Hiphop culture. Musa's exceptional skills and talents in making award winning documentaries, dance (of all styles), poetry, musicianship, writing, mentoring, and inspirational energy provides opportunities for peace, truth, and growth for all those who cross his path and vice versa.  Musa is a graduate from the University of Colorado at Boulder with degrees in Film Production and Film Theory. Musa is now working on his new documentary film catalogue documenting the history of Hiphop in different places around the world. In his free time Musa enjoys teaching in entertaining and educational ways to youth in the community, inventing tools for the growth of humanity, embodying dances from different cultures, and utilizing arts and culture as a catalyst to cultivate community connections and global change. 

About Musa Starseed

The name Musa Starseed is a spiritual name given to me by means of initiation into a certain path in life dedicated to raising the vibration of humanity through positive intention building. I have been blessed with this knowledge and this opportunity to share this ancient sacred wisdom to the world through tangible tools that I've created. It is truly humbling to know that this will have a potent and positive influence for whom ever these Magic Starseeds touch.


Musa Starseed’s newest goal is to introduce The Magic Starseed, a talisman of intention... to the world. A peaceful warrior soul dedicated to the upliftment of himself and his universal community. Musa Starseed has experienced first hand in the abundant magic of these Magic Starseeds and you can too as you learn how they work, where the come from, and how they are made.